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Faithful AI Data Support

The Faithful AI experience is driven through scripture based lifestyle metadata.

You can help us enhance the experience. Read on to find out how.


Faithful Metadata

Faithful AI is driven by lifestyle metadata attached to each passage in the scriptures. Our metadata is comprised of lifestyle concepts, experiences, thoughts and ideas that are related and are seemingly counter-intuitively unrelated to a scriptural verse, yet almost magically have inspiring meaning when delivered to someone in that state of mind.


The idea to create Faithful AI data in this manner came to me from a business book called Scoring Points, How Tesco is Winning Customer Loyalty, written by Terry Hunt, Clive Humby, and Tim Phillips. 

Wanted. Your Ideas.

In order to enhance Faithful metadata we would love to incorporate your ideas and scriptural interpretations. Using the form provided please give us the verse(s), the lifestyle themes and related keywords. Our AI engine will generate the required Faithful metadata using your submission.


Metadata submission

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Thank you.

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