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Security practices

The foundation of Faithful AI is the security of our customers’ data, and as such we make ensuing security our first priority. We believe that transparency is a critical component of building and enhancing trust both internally as well as externally with our customers and partners and as such we endeavor to be as clear and open as we can about our security practices.

Security Awareness

Faithful AI runs its business using effective security procedures, including:

  • Documented security policies and procedures;

  • Regular, in-depth security training for all employees;

  • Background checks and confidentiality agreements for all employees.


Faithful AI  has strict controls over our employees’ access to the systems that process data within the Faithful AI  service as defined in your Terms of Service agreement. As such, we are committed to ensure that customer data is not seen by anyone that should not have access to it. Smooth operations of the Faithful AI service requires that some of our employees have access to the systems that process customer data. For example, in some cases diagnosing and resolving customer issues requires such access. That being said, employees are prohibited from using these permissions to access customer data unless it is necessary to do so.

Data storage and Encryption

Faithful AI  does not store any user data outside the users' local mobile device. User data is managed by the same level of encryption and password security as the device itself. Both data at rest and in motion is encrypted - all network communication uses TLS. In addition, mandatory full-disk encryption and screen locks for all endpoints and development systems.

Physical Security

The environment that hosts LiaFona services maintains multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC reports. For more information about their certification and compliance, please visit the AWS Security website and the AWS Compliance website.

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